Impact of COVID-19 on human resource management


  • Lucie Vnoučková University of Economics and Management, Czech Republic

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COVID-19, human resources, management


The current situation regarding necessary intervention to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus significantly affect numerous of areas of working life. It is possible to see significant movement towards home offices and distant work of teams. It is not possible to perceive current change only negatively. Research by Beno (2018) shows that home office has a positive influence on the personal work experience. But there are other impacts that we can see and will affect organizations in the future. The situation, when some kind of new virus or new wave of infection arises is likely to happen again. Organizations should be ready to respond quickly and have their action plans prepared. According to Yildirim and Korkmaz (2017), effectiveness of human resources management and team development is the determinant of project success. To be able to efficiently manage and to adapt appropriate approaches of employees, managers need to understand also employees´ perspective.


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